DJ Epidemik The Young Innovator of NYC

Who is DJ EPIDEMIK? He is the DJ you want behind your music!  He is THE YOUNG INNOVATOR OF NYC… Influenced by the best in the game such as JAY-Z, legendary Notorious BIG, Rakim, legendary producer Easy Mo Bee, Timbaland, and more!  He has had the opportunity to work with some of your favorite battle rappers such as LOADED LUX, and some of the biggest names in the industry in multiple genres of music such as GYPTIAN, RUFF RYDERS, KAT DELUNA, and more.  He is an open format DJ that can take you around the world in one set.  As the official dj for the TRUE RELIGION BROOKLYN STORE (right across the street from the Barclay Center) he can open your music to broader audience.  If it isn’t innovative why bother?

Brands that I worked/work with


The premise behind the show is to introduce my audience to new music as with a week of it being released or the exclusive tracks that I receive from different artist around the world.  It’ll be a mix of a talk show with interviews with some of the artist and a mix show to showcase my mixing skills as a DJ.

The show is broadcasted from Maximum FM out of Toronto.  The Show is building a buzz and already breaking local talent in Toronto and within the states.